Node.js App Development

Achieve business agility by developing fast and secure Node.js applications with superior UI, performance, and scalability
Node.js is an open-source, light-weight, and flexible app development platform built on Google’s V8 engine. Our Node.js developers expedite the development process with Node.js features of reusable codes and automated migration. As a reliable Node.js app development company in India, Mpiric Software addressed all unique needs by providing custom Node.js services for an agile, High performing and real-time application.
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Node.js Development Services

Explore our expertise of our on-demand Node.js developers in diversified Node.js consulting services for your business.

Node.js API Development

Right from scratch to creating fast and secure API-based Node.js web and mobile applications

Real-Time App Development

Build Robust, and high-performing apps using Node.js framework that integrates seamlessly and offers real-time solutions

Node.js Application Maintenance

We provide senior Node.js developers for scaling and maintaining your Node.js solution

Front-end and Back-end Development

As a top-level PHP development company in India, we stand with the latest trends of up-gradation and migration to secure PHP platforms

Migration to Node.js

Our expert Node.js developers from India provide hassle-free Migration services in a cost-effective manner.

Package Development

Our dedicated team of Node.js programmers can create innovative cutting-edge apps using reusable packages in Node.js

Why Hire a Node.js Developer from us?

We make connections

We have a remarkable track record of innovating business apps using the capabilities and skills of our Node.js development team.

Tap on the potential of Mpiric Software as top Node.js development company that offers end-to-end Node.js development services. Our broad array of development services range from Node.js migration, Node.js consulting, Node.js web app development, and Node.js maintenance and support. Our knowledge of years in industry-specific Node.js Framework has decreased the complexity of codes and delivered compatible web and mobile applications.

Technology Stack

Mpiric is a full-stack IT company that focuses on producing top-notch IT products such as websites, app development, and increasing brand awareness with digital marketing.


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Front End

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Node.js Development Experience

Mpiric Software is a top-notch Node.js Development company that believes in meeting unparalleled quality benchmarks with its consistent application enhancement process. Our unmatched experience with businesses of all scales and verticals has offered clients best-in-class Node.js apps with speedy data synchronization and performance. Some of our superlative Node.js development experience is
  • Custom Node Web development
  • Hospitality solution development
  • Node Enterprise solution
  • Healthcare solution
  • Procurement solution
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Retail solution
  • Live Video/Audio solution
  • Socket implementation
  • Logistics solution

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Key Benefits to Choose Node.js App Development


JavaScript V8 provides faster speed to Node.js application to run at high speed.

Real-time Apps

Efficient to handle multiple client requests to enable sharing and reusing packages of library code.

Data Streaming

Leverage the benefits of the HTTP request and response for building features such as file processing.

Node Package Manager

Robust, Consistent and super-fast Node.js packages to help you get the exact dependency management.

Boosts Productivity

Merging front-end and back-end teams for increasing enterprise productivity.

Improved Scalability

Due to event-driven and asynchronous processing, Node.js provides highly scalable solutions.